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Wednesday, June 29 2022
Red Bull launches eye-watering hypercar; rising star axed over racist slur: F1 Pit Talk

F1 has a renowned history of pay drivers, but none of them has ever been able to pay to take home the car with them.

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Wednesday, June 29 2022
The numbers that debunk big Hamilton myth... and prove all-time F1 record isn't dead yet

Lewis Hamilton can lay claim to a great many records in Formula 1, but none is quite as remarkable as the one he could be set to lose this year.

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Three-time champion and Formula 1 icon Jackie Stewart has called on Lewis Hamilton to resign while he’s still close to his peak rather than suffer the agony of a long and slow decline.

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Saturday, June 25 2022
McLaren makes big upgrade call; Monaco faces new threat: F1 Pit Talk

After a pointless race in Montreal, the last things McLaren fans will have wanted to hear is that the team isn’t planning any major updates for the last 13 rounds of the season.

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The halfway point of the season is drawing ever nearer and Max Verstappen’s championship advantage is growing only larger.

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We’re at the halfway mark of the 2022 Supercars season and things suddenly just got interesting.

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Thursday, June 16 2022
Ferrari is slipping out of the title mix. This brutal truth shows they weren't supposed to be there

The championship picture has changed so rapidly that even the points table is suffering whiplash.

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It’s hard to know whether Ferrari or Lewis Hamilton is in worse shape heading into the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Wednesday, June 08 2022
Red Bull pours cold water on star duel; Aussie's competition grows for F1 seat: Pit Talk

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is already the site of one of Red Bull Racing’s great flashpoints. Could it be about to host another?

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Wednesday, June 08 2022
Aussie's Ducati departure, Honda's new hope: Crunch time in MotoGP silly season

It’s been a seismic fortnight for the MotoGP rider market, and with some key pieces now in place, the rest of the 2023 picture could be set to form rapidly.

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