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Tuesday, November 29 2022
Daniel Ricciardo reveals his Formula 1 fear behind decision to step away

Daniel Ricciardo is floating in the Formula 1 wilderness after the 2022 season came to an end.

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Tuesday, November 29 2022
Supercars 2023: Three big winners from the new championship calendar

The 2022 Supercars season will wind down with a return to the Adelaide 500 this weekend, but with minds are already starting to turn to 2023.

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Saturday, November 26 2022
Ricciardo is returning home to Red Bull Racing  but should he have left in the first place?

Ricciardo’s return to Red Bull Racing has begged two key questions.

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Saturday, November 26 2022
Reports state Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto's departure is imminent

The time looks to have run out on Mattia Binotto’s time at Ferrari.

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Friday, November 25 2022
Why Ricciardo is going home to Red Bull  and what it means for a potential racing return

Daniel Ricciardo is going home to Red Bull Racing.

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Friday, November 25 2022
Chinese Grand Prix to be dropped for fourth year straight as Covid chaos continues

The Chinese Grand Prix will be cancelled for a fourth consecutive year due to the pandemic, according to reports.

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Thursday, November 24 2022
Seriously': Mick Schumacher told off in brutal scenes after final F1 race

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a bittersweet finish to the season with four drivers set to be off the grid for 2023.

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Thursday, November 24 2022
Piastri an F1 driver at last as Aussie young gun takes very important' first step in McLaren test

The 2022 Formula 1 season is over. The 2023 season is about to begin.

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Tuesday, November 22 2022
Proper Honey Badger': Ricciardo dazzles, pulls burnouts after finale as Mad Max seals epic year

Two-time world champion Max Verstappen claimed a record-extending 15th win this year with a “sublime” performance for Red Bull in Sunday’s tight and strategic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel headed into retirement with a point.

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Tuesday, November 22 2022
Daniel Ricciardo breaks down in final radio message to McLaren

New video shows Daniel Ricciardo appearing to be overcome with emotion during his final radio message as a McLaren driver.

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Monday, November 21 2022
Red Bull's epic statement after ugly drama as Ricciardo opens up on next F1 move

Two-time world champion Max Verstappen and his Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez were all smiles again after locking out the front row of the grid for Red Bull at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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Monday, November 21 2022
The team tactics set to rule Abu Dhabi; Hamilton's impressive career streak broken: Quali talking points

The 2022 season is at its close, but before the sun sets literally and metaphorically on the campaign, there’s some unfinished business needing addressing.

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Sunday, November 20 2022
Verstappen tops times, shares big praise for Kiwi rookie Lawson after convincing Red Bull run

Max Verstappen recovered his confidence and poise when he topped the times for Red Bull ahead of Mercedes’ George Russell in opening practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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Sunday, November 20 2022
Red Bull Racing on the offensive; Leclerc's sad radio call lays bare Ferrari's troubles: F1 Talking Pts

Anyone hoping for a repeat of the unpredictable São Paulo Grand Prix ought to reset their expectations.

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Saturday, November 19 2022
Damning equation exposes Max; F1 millions at stake in one-race cash grab: Burning Questions

The last race of the season is finally upon us, and while we don’t have the tense showdown of last year — some may say thankfully so given the aftermath — the sport arrives in Abu Dhabi with a surprising number of lose ends to tie up.

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Saturday, November 19 2022
Nothing's guaranteed': Inescapable fact facing Ricciardo as Aussie meets F1 fate

The 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix could be Daniel Ricciardo’s last race in Formula 1.

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Wednesday, November 16 2022
Still the best team': The 2023 warning in F1 giant's Brazilian breakthrough

A front-row lockout converted into an easy one-two finish — Mercedes had the São Paulo Grand Prix so firmly in its grasp that it felt like we were back in the mid-2020s, as though this season had never really happened.

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Tuesday, November 15 2022
A little bit short-sighted': Red Bull teammate Perez fumes as Verstappen defies team orders

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have clashed after the former refused to give up track position and follow team orders at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Monday.

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Tuesday, November 15 2022
Max's petty Red Bull power play laid bare; Mercedes statement that should worry rivals: Brazil GP Talking Points

It’s sometimes the case in Formula 1 that the most interesting races produce the most miserable drivers — and there was a fair bit of misery on track as the field took the chequered flag at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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Monday, November 14 2022
Mercedes' nervous Hamilton wait after incredible' sprint race as Perez's plea seemingly ignored

George Russell claimed his first win in Formula One in the sprint at Interlagos to take pole position for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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Monday, November 14 2022
Verstappen worried Mercedes unbeatable'; Alpine boss blasts drivers: Sprint talking points

George Russell is a winner at last in Formula 1, although the hard work is still to come on Sunday.

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Sunday, November 13 2022
Absolute scenes' after Magnussen takes pole in F1 qualifying shock as Ferrari flops in chaos'

It was a wild opening to qualifying at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix and a wild finish, with Kevin Magnussen claiming pole position for the first time in his career.

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Sunday, November 13 2022
Bizarre call as Ferrari fumbles again; bold call behind shock triumph  F1 Quali Talking Pts

They say if you want excitement on track, just add water. But sometimes just the threat of wet weather is enough.

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Saturday, November 12 2022
Red Bull's quest for more records; Ricciardo seeks back-to-back big results: Sao Paulo GP burning questions

The final fortnight of Formula 1 is upon us, but there’s no time to relax for Red Bull Racing with a couple of important achievements still in sight.

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Saturday, November 12 2022
I'm at peace with that': Ricciardo admits his F1 career could be over ahead of sabbatical year

Daniel Ricciardo has acknowledged he could be starting the final two races of his Formula 1 career as he prepares for year on the sidelines in 2023.

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Thursday, November 10 2022
Is Ricciardo costing McLaren fourth in the championship? It's not as obvious as you might think

The 2022 championship fight has been straightforward in every way its predecessor season wasn’t, with the racing on track largely uncontroversial and the aggro of 2021 almost entirely absent, with only the cost cap fracas briefly disturbing the peace.

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Thursday, November 10 2022
Sebastian was the most complete': Ex-Red Bull engineer makes big Verstappen call; FIA launches social media crackdown

It hasn’t taken long for Max Verstappen’s place in the pantheon of driving greats to be weighed up.

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Wednesday, November 09 2022
Greatest spectacle in the world': Vegas F1 tickets sell out in minutes despite insane price tag

The Las Vegas Grand Prix won’t be like any other race.

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Few drivers yet to drive a modern Formula 1 car have had their movements as heavily scrutinised as Oscar Piastri, whose sensational disruption to this year’s driver market as one of the biggest stories of the season.

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Tuesday, November 08 2022
MotoGP star Bagnaia in historic title comeback as crash denies Aussie Miller fairytale farewell

Francesco Bagnaia claimed the MotoGP crown in the season-ending Valencia Grand Prix on Sunday to pull off the greatest title turnaround in the championship’s history.

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Tuesday, November 08 2022
Icon's words of wisdom behind Bagnaia's epic comeback; Suzuki bows out in style: Valencia talking points

The odds were heavily stacked in his favour, but rather than them lightening his load, Bagnaia felt their full weight for three days at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

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Sunday, November 06 2022
Perfect way to finish': Aussie on front row for last race as MotoGP world title goes down to the wire

Jorge Martin took pole for this weekend’s season-closing Valencia MotoGP after qualifying on Saturday with title favourite Francesco Bagnaia on the third row.

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Saturday, November 05 2022
It's not easy': Aussie Miller opens up on Ducati farewell as title race set for epic finale

It all comes down to this.

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Saturday, November 05 2022
MotoGP star blames mistakes' for disastrous season - but has ?nothing to lose' in final race

Fabio Quartararo has praised title leader Francesco Bagnaia for closing the 91-point gap between them despite lamenting his Yamaha’s lack of pace leaving him fighting with one hand behind his back.

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Thursday, November 03 2022
F***ing legend': Ricciardo's unexpected ?finger gun' move stuns in redemption race

Daniel Ricciardo has got his swagger back.

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Fabio Quartararo has been cursed by his own pre-season prophecy of non-competitiveness on his outgunned Yamaha M1.

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‘Whomst has awakened the ancient one?’

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Wednesday, November 02 2022
We killed everyone': Van Gisbergen and Triple Eight seal season of domination: Winners and losers

The Surfers Paradise Street Circuit is one of the most ferocious on the Supercars calendar, with its claustrophobic barriers, high kerbs and sapping heat and humidity combining to make it one of the sport’s sternest tests.

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