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Saturday, October 01 2022
Actor Michael Sheen delivers real football speech after impressive TV audition

It was bound to happen.

After putting in such an impressive audition, Welsh actor Michael Sheen has delivered a motivational speech for the Wales football side.

Earlier this month Sheen appeared on UK sports comedy quiz TV show A League Of Their Own and was asked by host Romesh Ranganathan what he would say if given the chance to fire-up the Welsh football side ahead of its upcoming World Cup fixture against England.

The actor, known as a fierce Welsh patriot, proceeded to deliver an apparent off-the-cuff speech for the ages that had every member of the show's live audience and cast lauding and applauding him by its end.

"I have to get in the right head space now," Sheen said before launching into the rousing speech. "OK."

Sheen then spread his arms, palms wide open and fingers spread, and delivered a monologue to end all monologues.

It was so good that Wales boss Rob Page admitted it made him 'well up' on first viewing and wanted to get Sheen into the team camp as soon as possible.

It didn't take long to get his chance with Sheen raising the side's spirit hours after their Nations League defeat to Poland.

"When I did the speech on A League of Their Own, it was specifically for the England game," Sheen began. "But I couldn't come and see you and not give you something to go with."

The 2022 Fifa World Cup begins November 20 in Qatar, with Wales placed in a group alongside England, Iran and the United States. It is only the second time in history that Wales has qualified for the tournament, the team's last appearance coming in 1958.


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